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Just a few of our hundreds of Texts, Emails, Phone calls we receive after the sale:

....AWESOME... My kids are on it constantly. I have not even had time to play it yet....                       David B.

...This is the coolest present I could have received. I knew it was something cool but my wife wouldn't tell me...     Randy M.

...I think we are going to need another one. My neighbor will not leave...  Tom W.

....I now have more friends than I thought I did. I think I need to have you add a coin door...LOL...                          Michael G.

​...This brings back memories of just how much money I wasted when I was a kid. Great machine. Thanks again...  Jill M.

...I feel like a kid again, thanks again for the free local delivery and waiting around to explain all the features...       Tony J.

...I originally thought your machines would be a poor quality due to the low price. I WAS WRONG ! ! !                    Alex E.


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Our quality speaks for itself.

Welcome to Custom Multicades. We specialize in custom built Multicade Arcade machines to fit everyone's imagination. We have been in the arcade business since 1985 and unlike other arcade manufacturers we build our machines one at a time in our shop by hand which allows us to focus on quality and craftsmanship. We also do not use pre fabbed kits like 99% of the other companies out there. This is why we can offer such a custom made machine for hundreds less than our competitors. We have full size arcade stand up units for the real authentic gaming experience, cocktail tables for the less obvious look and bar top models, perfect for table tops, bar tops, kids rooms, RV's or confined places. Own a rental cabin? Why not add a CustomMulticade! It is a proven fact that units with a multicade rent better than units without. Set it up to enjoy either free play (no money required) or put an optional coin operated unit.Take a look around and let you imagination run wild. If you can come up with an idea I am sure we can build it for you. We build one-off custom machines for less than you can buy a restored single older classic machine. Why have a machine that someone else has. Stand out and have us design one in your favorite Teams colors or made to match your game room / Man-Cave. Thank you for visiting our site.

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50% Now thruChristmas

*** Stand-Up machines$1300 w/60 classic games ***

*** Cocktail sit-down machines$1500 w/60 classic games ***

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