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Virtual Pinball Machine

Enjoy over 863 action-packed pinball tables including The Addams Family, Pin-Bot, Twilight Zone - The Getaway, Cirqus Voltaire, Medieval Madness and Theater of Magic.

We've also included a selection of FX2 tables that bring virtual pinball into the modern day with animated play fields, interactive features and explosive play-ability that are exclusive to virtual pinball. Launch the ball with a real plunger to give to the real feel! Three high-resolution LCD video screens recreate the finest details of the most collectible games, in full color and clarity. Never get bored – explore some of the rarest pinball titles & enjoy playing machines from the earliest models right through the '80s and '90s.

Simply plug in & play – minimal installation. The back box is folded down, just lift, bolt the four legs on and Play!

Item Specifics
- Dimension in cm: 142(L)x 81(W)x 190(H)
- 863 Multiple games in one machine (Click here to preview user manual and game list)
- Original style pinball legs
- Stainless steel lock bar and side rails
- Functioning Pinball plunger included
- Volume adjustable via amp which is easily accessible through front access door
- 1 year warranty on all parts

- Full size Pinball cabinet (Williams style)
- 42″ LED for playfield
- 32″ LED for back glass
- 16″ LED for Dot Matrix Display

Arcade 863 Games Virtual Pinball

The biggest problem with owning a pinball machine is that you’re always stuck with the one machine and one game. Once you’ve mastered that machine and game, you’ll be longing for more.
Pinball machines don’t come cheap, and they certainly don’t come small. Owning all of your favorite games with each pinball machines isn’t feasible.

Well now you can, with a new virtual pinball machine. This Virtual pinball machine is a full size, full digital pinball machine which offers multiple tables (863 classic and modern tables) at the push of a button. It’s also a much more reliable option as it doesn’t contain all the mechanical parts of an old style pinball which can fail at any time and are getting more and more expensive to repair!


This machine is currently on backorder. We can not keep them in stock. If you are interested please let us know so we can get you on the list.

Here is your chance to own a brand new, very well manufactured, virtual pinball machine at just over actual cost. We try and keep the prices down and still offer the highest quality, lowest priced, and best warranty in the business.