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Upright Horizontal Arcade Machine

Horizontal & Vertical Games

Dimensions: 24.5" Wide, 73" Tall, 24" Deep, approx 140#'s

1300 Game Version ($3295) NOW - $1550

This is our newest machine. It can play all the Horizontal fighting games as well as the Classic Games on one screen. It comes with the 1300 game pack in an Upright cabinet and a 24" LED monitor. It has two set of controls with (2) (4-way 8-way switchable from top) Joysticks & 6 buttons each so you can play side by side at the same time.

Upgrades:  ​      

⦁    LED Option ​(Buttons & LED's top back)  +200

⦁    Coin doors - (Single +125) (Dual +150)

⦁    Sports Team Sticker Pack  +100

⦁    Full Graphic wrap (Green, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Blue, Red, or Black Multicade)   +225