The Widescreen Upright Arcade Machine

621 Game Version  or 2100 Game Version

It comes with either the 621 game pack or the New 2100 game pack in an Upright cabinet with the 32" LED monitor. It has two set of controls with 6 buttons each and they are spaced a little further apart so that adults can play side by side at the same time. 

Dimensions: 31.5 Wide, 73 Tall, 24.5 Deep, approx 160#'s


  • LED buttons, joysticks, lights on the back, Coin Door, custom graphics, etc...
3-Sided Cocktail Multicade machine

Brand New Custom built (3-Sided) cocktail multicade. Has the Horizontal 621 Game Pack & the Vertical 412 Game Pack in a single cabinet! You can switch between the game packs with a push of a button while its powered up instantly.
Includes the following:

  • 1033 Games (621 & 412 Game Packs)
  • 32" LED monitor
  • 12 Commercial Arcade Buttons
  • 4 Commercial Arcade Joysticks (4-way & 8-way)
  • 1/4 tempered glass top

Burbon Barrel Models

Talk about a unique arcade machine. These are always conversation peices where ever they end up. We have these custom made straight from the barrel manufacturer locally. They are 1" solid oak and made exactly like all the barrels used in the distilleries. We can make any sports team, car theme, arcade theme, etc... you can imagine. Shown are just a few of the custom barrels we have made for customers over the years. If you have an idea of something you would like let us know and I am sure you will be pleased.


(502) 494-6619   -  Louisville, KY