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 Custom Multicades

Welcome to Custom Multicades, We have been in the arcade business since 1985, we manufacturer the highest quality, lowest price, most unique arcade machines anywhere.

We can build you a custom, personalized multicade that will look and play the classic arcade video games that you remember from back in your childhood.  

Seeing you are the designer, not only can you customize the look, but also the price of your new multicade machine.

The term multicade is used to describe an arcade video multi game system, that is capable of playing multiple arcade video games in a single arcade video game cabinet.

One machine + tons of games = Hours of fun ! ! !

Just think about how much fun you will have on your days off from work or relaxing after hours while playing your
very own multicade arcade machine. Wouldn’t you like to host a night of gaming, in your home, getting major bragging rights – win or lose?

Have your Custom made multicade arcade machine fully personalized and become the talk of the neighborhood.
Whether you choose to place your arcade machine in your home for personal use or add a unique selling point to
your business, the reaction will be the same. Your family will be in awe of your newest home entertainment addition, and your peers will beg to know where you acquired your ultra-cool classic multicade arcade machine.

Give your family and friends something to talk about.

We build one-off custom machines for less than you can buy a restored single older classic machine. Why have a machine that someone else has. Stand out and have us design one in your favorite Teams colors or made to match your game room / Man-Cave.

Look around this site and you will soon discover that custom built multicades are our specialty. 

There are many photos of multicades we have built all around our website.

Thanks again for visiting custom multicades and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us anytime.