All 32" models include:

  • Brand New multicade arcade cabinet
  • The 60 classic game pack - (412 Game pack optional)
  • 1/4" tempered tinted glass top
  • Choice of T-molding (trim) color
  • Choice of joystick ball color
  • Choice of button colors
  • Matching Multicade Top Graphic
  • Options include LED buttons, joysticks, bottom lighting, coin doors, & Custom Graphics

Here are a few we have built for customers

Cocktail Table Models

*** Custom Graphics - now here is where it can get exciting. You can theme the machine out to your favorite teams colors, custom graphics and team names, Classic arcade themes like, pac-man, galaga, centipede, space invaders, dig-dug, etc.... Only limited by your imagination... Contact us for a custom quote ***

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